Lesson Pricing

Lesson Packages are offered seasonally at

the start of each season, all lessons are pre-paid by check or credit card.

Evaluation $ 45.00

Child's Introduction- $45.00 (30 minutes) 

Private- $65.00

Semi-Private- $55.00

Group- $45.00

(Cancellation notice is required or the full price of a lesson is charged to the student, make up lessons can be scheduled with individual instructors.)

Featherdown instructors work to improve the quality of each rider's performance and education in a relaxed, nurturing atmosphere.  When riders first arrive at Featherdown they participate in an evaluation lesson, where their knowledge and abilities are determined, each rider is then placed in the appropriate lesson for their level. Featherdown offers a variety of lessons options to riders; whether students want to pursue competitive riding or be a recreational rider, there is an appropriate lesson offered.

Beginner riders can expect to learn basic horsemanship: handling, grooming, tacking/untacking, elementary control and basic fundamentals while mounted.  Cavaletti and small jumps are also introduced to riders who have progressed comfortably on the flat.

Intermediate riders will further their education in theory and technique so that they can comfortably guide a horse around a basic course of jumps with ease.  

Advanced riders continue to develop their skills in applicable theory of form and function to enhance 

the horses performance over a course of jumps and on the flat, while gaining a full understanding

of their mounts idiosyncrasies.  Students at all levels participate in discussions appropriate to their present level of expertise.  We strive to improve the quality of each riders performance and expand the range of knowledge for every rider.  It is our belief that riding and theory go hand in hand, no matter what the level or the discipline.

It is our goal to create horseman as well as riders.


Riders who would like to ride more than once a week and experience the benefits of developing a relationship with a particular mount are encouraged to inquire about the Featherdown lease program.  Various lease options provide both lesson and free ride  opportunities, as well as the option to horse show. 



Horse Shows
Featherdown offers several packages to riders who would like to show occasionally throughout the summer months.  Arrangements should be made well in advance to ensure there is an animal available for a specific competition: coaching and lesson fees are included in the various packages.  Please inquire for options and costs.