When riders first arrive at Featherdown they participate in an evaluation lesson, where their knowledge and abilities are determined, each rider is then placed in the appropriate level lesson.

Beginner riders can expect to learn basic horsemanship: handling horses, grooming, tacking/untacking, elementary control, mounting/dismounting, walk, trot, canter, turning, and halting. There is also introduction to ground poles, cavaletti and jumps to 18 inches, depending on the progress of the individual.

Intermediate level riders will continue furthering their education in theory and technique so that they can comfortably ride a horse around a basic course of jumps with ease.  

Advanced classes continue to develop the skills of the riders in applicable theory to enhance the horse’s performance over a course of jumps, having a full understanding of their horse's idiosyncrasies.

Private lesson: $65

Group lesson: $50

Half hour private: $45

All lessons are 60 minutes, unless noted.



Featherdown provides the option of leasing a school horse to individuals who would like to ride more than once a week. The lessee benefits from the opportunity to ride three times a week and being able to develop a personal relationship with the horse. In addition, lessees have the option to participate in horse shows off site. Show fees and transportation are not covered in the lease.


team riding

Featherdown is the home of the Greenway Grasshoppers. Riders in middle and upper school are encouraged to participate in the IEA (Interscholastic Equitation Association).  Riders commit to 2 lessons per week for the school year. Team riding is the perfect introduction to horse showing due to its limited time frame and qualifications. Team members are limited to five shows throughout the regular season and fees are set at the beginning of the season.